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Why Ketomee is the healthier noodle for Keto Diet?

Ketomee is made from konjac root that is high in Glucomannan, a fiber that forms a gel-like mass in the digestive tract that can help us feel fuller, longer after eating

European Food Safety Authority concluded that there is a favourable cause and effect relationship between consumption of glucomannan with the reduction of body weight and maintenance of normal blood cholesterol!

And according to studied by the US National Library of Medicine, glucomannan can significantly lower total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol dan triglycerides.

Ketomee Konjac Noodles and Pasta have very low carbohydrate content, making it an ideal food for those who are in Ketogenic diet.

The perfect composition of water and flour, together with the stringent quality control, yield a softer texture of Ketomee noodles and pasta.

  • Zero sugar, zero fat and zero cholesterol

  • Zero gluten and zero MSG

  • High in fibre

  • Low Carbohydrates and Low Calorie

  • NO artificial color and NO artificial flavor

  • NO additives and NO Bleach!

  • Highest quality standard, certified by HACCP, BRC & IFRC!



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Common Q & A

Is Ketomee Keto Compliant?

Yes. Each 100gr of Ketomee contains only 0.60 gr of carbohydrate and none of it comes from wheat or sugar.


Does Ketomee contain sugar?

No. Ketomee has zero sugar or any other name of sugar (fructose, glucose, maltose, saccharine or aspartame).


Is Ketomee pre-cooked?

Yes. All Ketomee products are pre-cooked and ready to eat. You only need to drain the liquid and rinse them.  Dry fry the noodle to warm it up and ready to be enjoyed with any gravy or soup you like.


Do I need to put Ketomee in the fridge?

No. Unopened package of Ketomee can be kept under room temperature in a cool and dry place.  But once opened, keep it in the fridge and consume within 3 days.


How many packs of Ketomee is included in 1 box?
A box of Ketomee has 10 packs inside


How many calories in Ketomee?

Ketomee only contains just 9 calories per 100gr, normal noolde contains >350 calories!



About Ketomee

Ketomee was born out of my love for noodles. Growing up in an Asian family, noodles were our staples in addition to rice. Instant noodles were my saviour during college days and noodle soup was my comfort food whenever I felt unwell.


At that time I didn't know that noodles were laced with tons of preservatives, chemicals, artificial color and bleached flour.  I ate more noodles when I went back to work after giving birth because they are convenient, fast, cheap and delicious. Little did I know all those noodles added more kilos to my waist and tummy. The high content of simple carbohydrates found in wheat-based noodles made me gain a lot of weight.


After many failures of trying many diet programs, I stumbled upon low carbohydrate diet. While I like the whole idea of losing weight without feeling hungry, I was devastated when I was told I couldn't eat noodle.  I did some research on healthy noodle in Google.  That's when I found out that there is a kind of noodle that has zero carbohydrate.  The Japanese has been eating them for more than 1,500 years.  It's called shirataki noodle, made of konjac root.  I bought a lot of those noodles from overseas.  I tried it for Mee Goreng, Char Kuey Teow, Pasta Carbonara and many other dishes.  I was so happy that I could eat noodles and pasta again.


After a year of having konjac/shirataki noodles and pasta, I decided to bring them in and make them easily available for Malaysians who are looking for healthier noodles.  This is when Ketomee was born




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